Rubber Expansion Joint Proper Application ——————————– Expansion joint is used in the middle of pipe to absorb extension and compression at pipe line due to vibration, noise and temperature change. Characteristics —————— Arch structure for flexible part of the body absorbs various kinds of defomation brought by external force. Wrapped type. One size fits all. Light weight and easy to handle. Face‐to‐face length can be designed depend on install situation. Kinds ——- Metal Flange Type             A Type For dredging, heavy purpose B Type For general (Simple and flexible structure) Suitable for less than 0.98MPa at working pressure. Loose end type is also avavailable depending on difficulty of installation of pipes. Easy to install owing to built‐in control unit. Rubber Flange Type ————————– Suitable for less than 0.49MPa at working pressure. Face‐to‐face distance is short and very light weight. Retaining ring is adhered by vulcanizing.
Kauçuk Kompansatör
Standard Specifications mm                mpa                                mm
ESNEK KAUÇUK BAĞLANTI FLEXIBIL JOINT Flexible rubber pipe suppresses noise and vibration from pumps, chillers and other equipment Proper Application Used at connection place with pump, conditioner, freezing machine and compressor where is possibility of deflection and compression caused by vibration or noise at the pipe line. For both delivery and suction(Vacuum pressure resistance: -95KPa)
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